Adoption Timeline

1994 - William & Deborah get married.

1996 - Gabe is born.

1999 - Noah is born.


November - Made decision to adopt through Foster Care.  Shared with Boys.

December - Told extended family.

January - Begin paperwork process.  Have initial interview. Started constant viewing of available children's gallery across the country.

March - Met our caseworker after going through 2 who did not stay with DHS.

April - Began 9 weeks of DHS Adoption Classes

May - Attended Disney Extravaganza in Little Rock where prospective adoptive families could connect with available children.

June - Classes completed.  Caseworker submits home study request.  Begin weekly calls to caseworker.

July/August - Established relationship with another caseworker about a particular sibling set in another county.  Checked on set regularly.

August 5 - Talked with kids' caseworker.  Asked if we would consider 4 & gave particulars.  Prayed about it and said YES!

August 8 - Kids' caseworker said we were matched with the 4 pending home study.

October 19 - Home study.

November 11 - Drive to West Helena for 2nd home study visit.

November 21 - Kids' caseworker invites us to Foster Care Fashion Show.

December 3 - Attend Fashion Show in Little Rock.  GET TO MEET KIDS!!! They don't know that we are their match.

December 27 - Our caseworker receives home study.

January 3- Kids' caseworker asks for home study.

January 4 - Errors in home study.  Corrected & resubmitted.


January 13 - Waiting for ad litem to sign off on home study.

January 18 - Home study brought to our house to sign.  SAME errors.  Sent back for 2nd time.

January 25 - Home study FINALLY correct.  Sent to kids' caseworker.

January 30 - Call both caseworkers and learn HS is missing signature page.  Purgatory stinks.

February 16 - HS packet still with ad litem.  Learn kids are struggling and need more intense therapy before they can come home.  Might be April.  :(

February 22 - Receive OFFICIAL MATCH email!!  Whoo hoo!!  Staffing March 6th.

February 25 - Spa Day with our girls thanks to Project Zero! Check it out on Middle Mom's blog!

February 29 - Kids find out we're their adoptive family!  Adoption Specialist says they were thrilled!

March 6 - Selection staffing with team.  4 hours with kids at McDonald's!!  Awesomeness!

March 16 - Kids 1st visit.  Spends Spring Break with us.

March 25 - Decision made for Hootie to stay permanently to work on behavior while others return to foster homes to finish school year and spend every weekend with us.

April 13 - Kids have stomach virus over weekend.  End up spending the next week with us due to illness.

April 23 - Decision made for ALL kids to move in permanently on FRIDAY, 27th!

November 15 - Adoption finalized on National Adoption Day in Little Rock! Our family was part of 2 different news broadcasts. One was great, one was so & so due to editing our comments to fit an agenda. You can see them here and here.

Image Courtesy of Alicia Widner Photography

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