Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Top Posts of 2013

In 2013, I wrote a whopping 18 posts…
Considering that's an increase of 360% from what I posted in 2012, I'm pretty stinking excited!

And that's even with a significant quiet spell from May to September, which amazingly enough was when my blog traffic really picked up.

And by picked up, I mean skyrocketed and galloped at a pace that landed me at almost 13,000 views. 

That's kinda insane.

But I'm grateful. 

Here's what you read the most:

      3.  Sometimes

      5.  Conjecture Rectified

      6.  When Paula Was My Phil

And my personal favorites:

     1.  One Among Many

     2.  To Quiet a Voice

     4.  Where I Am From

     5.  Therein Lies the Hope

Thank you for hanging out here with me and reading what my heart spills out. 

May your New Year be filled with God's love and blessings! 

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